We are Affinity. Brand explorers. Crusaders of curiosity.

That’s right, we’re an independent media and ad agency made up of extraordinarily inquisitive people. We’re absolutely, enthusiastically, wholeheartedly dedicated to seeking out the right answers in the quest for ideas that create true brand affinity.

Yes sir, we go to extreme lengths to uncover genuine and detailed information about consumers, brands and insights that other agencies just can’t. That way, we’re engaging the right people, the right way, at the right time.
How is this amazing-ness possible, you ask. Well, our dedication to discovery, combined with mind-blowing data, allows us to study people's behaviour like never before, delivering ads that are smarter, better and run rings around the rest (with the results to prove it).

The main thing you need to know is that we work with existing behavior for positive change. So instead of disrupting consumers (and nobody likes that), we look at what consumers are already doing, then work with that behavior to arrive at better results with less effort.

Finally, with strategy, data, creative and media all under one roof, we explore possibilities from start to finish, delivering a completely seamless product.

Curious? Thank goodness because so are we. We love learning about likeminded people – potential clients or future employees - so hit that connect button to discover more.